Company Profile‏

    Founded by H. Hatem in 1945 the company took start in Istanbul with the distribution of hand tools and machine tools for the metal industry.

    The company has preserved the same partnership structure with Albert Hatem and Leon Badi since 1974

    as a result of which it grew day by day taking the name of Umtaş Uluslararası Makine Ticaret A.Ş. in 1988, concentrating as Umtas A.Ş. and Genmak Ltd. in trading, tender bidding for governmental companies and Municipalities and the representation of worldwide leader companies and distribution of their products.

    Activities of Umtaş are coordinated with a team of 25 professionals except other partnerships,–mostly engineers –working in three different departments which we also call profit centers of the company. The departments of UMTAS company are as below and companies under the departments are being represented by UMTAS :

    Complete fire fighting vehicles, fire fighting and search and rescue equipment. 

    Rosenbauer, Austria (Fire Fighting Crash Rescue Vehicles and Equipment)                                            

    Bronto Skylift, Finland (Aerial Fire Fighting Ladders, Insulated Vehicles of Electric Transmission Lines)                                                                             

    Metz Aerial GmbH, Germany (Aerial Fire Fighting Ladders)                                                                                                                  

    Simulation, UK (Actual Fire Training Simulators)

    Defense Industry projects,                                                                                                            

    Secapem French (Air Target Systems),                                                                                        

    Capewell, USA (Airdrop Sytems, Parachute Hardwares)                                                                         

    Bally Ribbon Mills, USA (Parachute Webbings)                                                                                       

    Mills Manufacturing Company (Military Personal, Cargo, Extraction, Deceleration Parachutes),                

    Anping Police Equipment, China (Anti Riot Helmets and Equipment)                                                 

    Schueler GmbH, Germany (Brake Discs of Armoured Vehicles)                                                         

    Herkules GmbH, Germany (Military Spares)                                                                                          

    Flux Gerate GmbH, Germany (Fuel Pumps for Armoured Vehicles)                                                         

    Paar Logistic GmbH (Spares for Armoured Vehicles)

    Various projects, turn key installations, representations                                                                       

    Jetting Systems, UK (Rubber Removal Vehicles)                                                                              

    Hightech Elastomers, Indian (Naval Fenders)                                                                                       

    Kunz GmbH, Germany (Aircraft Recovery Equipment)

    Umtaş and Genmak are currently importers, traders, agents about the activities mentioned. In cooperation with worldwide companies, Umtaş sustains its leading position in the market.

    We have liason contact points in Ankara and İzmir.

    Umtaş is holder of ISO 9001 – 2008 Certification.

    Apart from the above stated activities Umtaş has some partnerships in the following companies :

    * PURTEKPoliuretan Teknik Kimya San ve Tic A.S. – We produce hard Polyurethane as insulation and fill

    material in our factory in Kartal / Istanbul which is managed from the Purtek offices in Mecidiyekoy / Istanbul.

    *TEKSU Teknolojik Su Kontrol Sistemleri ve Yonetimi A.S. - Water leakage detection projects ; all kind of rehabilitation projects

    for water consumption. Scada, Water loss Management activities, all kind of equipment for water networks.

    * TEKYAZ   TEKNOLOJIK YAZILIMLAR ve Makine Tic A.S. – This company who was a department ( profit center )

    in Umtas until the beginning of 2007 is now specialized company in CAD / CAM / CAE and imports,

    distributes and gives training on softwares like Solidworks, Cimatron, Solidcam.


    Company Name             :Umtaş Uluslararası Makina Ticaret A.Ş.

    Adress                              :Buyukdere Caddesi, 85 / 7 34387 Mecidiyeköy / İstanbul / Turkey

    Phone                               :+90 212 275 87 81

    Fax                                    :+90 212 275 87 84


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    Partners                            :Albert Hatem, Leon Badi

    Branch Offices                 :HQ located in Istanbul, Liason Offices in Ankara, İzmir

    Area                                  :2 floors total 1100 sqm, 1 warehouse 500 sqm

    Capital                              :5.000.000 TL (equal to 2.272.000 USD)

    Languages speaking in Company :Turkish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hebrew