F-RLX Series Platform Vehicle


Bronto Skylift


When serving firefighters, time is of the essence. Bronto aerial platforms are designed for easy maneuverability, quick setup, and efficient operation to save valuable minutes.

Our products feature a wide range of rescue cages with various additional equipment, large water capacities, efficient foam systems, and access to even the most challenging situations. Equipped with the user-friendly Bronto + control system, our products are appreciated by those working at heights.

F-RLX Series

The RLX series encompasses all the features that make Bronto Aerial Platform Vehicles a reliable and well-known choice. RLX units offer a wide rescue cage, robust ladder, increased up and down capacity, and various options to enhance versatility for rescue and firefighting situations.

Key Benefits

  • Wide rescue cage with high safe working load
  • Good up and down capability and below-ground access
  • Large reach and extended working area with single setup
  • Compact design and favorable size/weight ratio
  • Economical and maneuverable with increased access to restricted roads and bridges
  • Robust rescue ladder
  • User-friendly Bronto 5+ control system
  • Modern service vehicles and extensive service network

Various options, e.g.,

  • Air, electrical, and hydraulic breathing in the cage
  • Remote control for boom movements and water monitor
  • Emergency backup system
  • Detachable winches
  • Stretcher carrier
  • High-voltage detector
  • Ultrasonic collision protection
  • Various work lights and camera options
  • Laser range finder
  • Bronto Loadman for measuring ground slope