Hytrans Water Supply and Firefighting Systems HydroSub

HydroSub® is designed for emergency water supply and can be rapidly deployed with minimal human effort. The units feature hydraulic-driven portable submersible floating pumps that provide quick access to any open water source. The submersible pump is connected to a hydraulic power unit with a diesel engine. This innovative system ensures no loss of suction during water pumping up to a height of 60 meters vertically.

Hytrans® offers a wide range of HydroSub® units with capacities up to 45,000 liters per minute at 12 bars of pressure.


  1. HydroSub® 60


  • Standard: 1,500 liters per minute at 10 bars
  • High Flow: 4,000 liters per minute at 2.5 bars (optional)
  • Flood Pump: 20,000 liters per minute at 0.3 bars (optional)
  1. HydroSub® 1400


  • Submersible pumps: 3 X 15,000 = 45,000 liters per minute at 2.5 bars
  • Main booster pump: 45,000 liters per minute at 12 bars