Liberty Turbo Fan Fire Suppression System


The TRS2500FOG system produces a shooting range of up to 180 meters depending on wind conditions and can deliver 4,500 liters per minute. The average droplet size is approximately 400 microns. Due to the small droplet size, the water impact is 6 times greater than that of a traditional water flow, resulting in significantly less waste water produced.

This technology has proven its value and performance in chemical plants, refineries, and large industrial environments over the last 20 years. Notably, its significant safety factors and labor-saving benefits are key advantages.

The system can be mounted on a hook lifting system or any vehicle.

TRS2500FOG is applicable for

  • Foam or non-foam firefighting
  • Cooling surfaces like storage tanks or tunnel surfaces
  • Acting as a heat shield between burning objects
  • Smoke extraction

Application areas of TRS2500FOG

  • Chemical manufacturing facilities
  • Refineries
  • Industrial Plants
  • Ship fires
  • Tunnels
  • Aircraft fires

Advantages of using TRS2500FOG

  • Requires a limited number of operators (one person)
  • Safe intervention from a distance during emergencies (average 200 meters)
  • 6 times more efficient in water consumption
  • Can be integrated into almost any firefighting vehicle
  • Can be used with monitors
  • Easy to use as an independent machine, for instance on a hook arm or as a fixed, permanent installation

Basic Technical Specifications

Weight 2000 Kg
Length 2.40 m
Width 1.40 m
Height 1.50 m
Water consumption 4 M3 / dk @ 10 Bar
Fuel consumption at full power 950 liters/min (JetA-1, gasoline, or diesel)
Options Wireless control panel (up to 300 meters); noise reduction system