Rosenbauer AT Advanced Technology




  • Advanced Technology
  • Rosenbauer’s new vehicle concept
  • The third generation AT series captivates with over 90 innovations. The experience gained from producing more than 3,600 Rosenbauer AT vehicles over 15 years has been incorporated into the new series.


  • Improved spaces for personnel use
  • Larger, spacious equipment compartments
  • New design LED lighting
  • Design based on the latest innovations and simulation methods
  • Setting new standards for emergency vehicles
  • Encompasses vehicles ranging from 10 to 20 tons
  • 2.5 m superstructure width, two different travel heights
  • High maneuverability
  • Completely customizable production to meet your demands
  • Patented revolving staircase allows for quick and safe ascent and descent, even for those carrying heavy breathing apparatus.
  • In narrow spaces, partially opening the door is sufficient.
  • Wide exit stairs and uniform step illumination provide additional safety.


  • Suitable for every type of compact pump, from manual control to fully automatic, ranging from N/NH 25 to N/NH 55.
  • The main water line enables water supply from hydrants or a water source. Simply connect the hoses.